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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don't forget it on one of the most important and memorable day of your life! Allow yourself and your loved ones the luxury of sitting back and soaking up all the beauty that is your wedding.
We will deliver a beautiful Breakfast or Brunch Package that is tailored to suit your group
Don't forget to plan food for the day, nobody likes a hangry bridal party! 
Let's plan around that! 
We can deliver delicious, practical, fresh food that will keep everyone happy... and don't forget we do Wedding Cakes. That's where we started after all! 
Cheese & Cracker Packs
(great for travel between locations or for the Bridal Party during photos. Your guests are eating all the finger food that you have paid for, why shouldn't you get to have a nibble)
Spodeli MSP's 'Midnight Snack Pack'
Handed to guests at the end of the night as they leave 
Unique to Spodeli, Unique to your Wedding and your guests are going to LOVE it!  
Custom Packages to suit exactly what you want!
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